The Count Down Begins

This Junk Junket to the Funky Junk Sisters Show and Downtown Sumner is starting to get so exciting!
The Funky Junk Sisters have moved to a new location which means MORE JUNK!
The Sisters have been working very hard and will be rolling out the red carpet for all of us Junk Queens.
In addition to all the festivities planned at The Funky Junk Sisters show, the Downtown Sumner Merchants have all got together and put some fantastic surprises together that will be available to Junk Junket guests only. I'm thrilled with what I get to offer you all and give away.

It's all so exciting!!!!!

I have been gathering some door prizes and gifts that............well that's going to be a surprise too.

I love giving stuff away!
All Junk Queens know that the key to shopping at these large sales is......


A Junk Queen can't shop properly...and I mean really shop if your hands are full.

So I asked my new adopted Mother-in-law Pat (who I met on the our last Junk Junket to Barn House and decided I would keep) to whip up this super cute shopping cart.

Along with all the door prizes and gifts

I will be raffling this off on the bus! That's right!! If you are on the bus you will receive an opportunity to win this super cute, extra large, folding, Junk Queen must have shopping cart. In will get to purchase yourself more opportunities.

This is going to be a Junk Junket you don't want to miss!

I''m counting down the days.

Laying awake at night with excitement.

There are only


Seats left

so don't put it off anymore!

Seats will no longer be available after October 20, 2009
2 Responses
  1. junkdreams Says:

    This cart looks great....I am planning on going to the FJ event and can't wait.
    Happy day.

  2. Luv the cart! I need one!!! Can't wait to see you at the show... junk queen sista!