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We will no long be posting information on blog spot.
Our new home allows us to get more information to you.
It will be much easier for you to find information on the events you want to attend and to see what we have planned.

We can't wait for you to join us.

Feburary 17, 2010......................

Big announcement about Farm Chicks Junk Junket

You don't want to miss this!

This is news that you will  want to take to Starbucks or the water cooler to share!

Have a great day!
The Land of Tarte
 Road Trip!

Have you ever been to a Queen of Tarte Sale?
I hadn’t either.  Until yesterday.

I had been to lots of sales where Ms. Thang (aka Queen of Tarte) had been at like:

but never at an actual barn burner of a sale at her actual beautiful castle/barn.

It was a full house right when the doors opened


King of Tarte’s mother had baked some of the most beautiful Valentine’s Day cookies.  On top of beautiful they were GOOOOOOOOOD!  I couldn’t stay out of them.
It’s possible I won’t be invited back unless I can prove that I have eaten first before attending.
043 Walk through the barn with me! 

 My pictures are never good and I promise if I ever go again I’ll drag Amber from Tres Birds Photography with me to do the photos.

My pictures just don’t do The Queen of Tarte justice, but you get a little bit of an idea of what is goin on here.

051Chandeliers everywhere! 053

Crown of many different themes
 055 Funky mixed with vintage
   061 I loved these paper flowers that were hanging every where.

063 Lots of fun Valentine’s Day stuff.  Most of it was gone before I could even get pictures of it.
067 Ms. Thang has done gone and developed herself a signature scent of candles  that is TO DIE FOR!  It’s so springy that it makes you want to bust out the flip flops and go buy daffodils or tulips.
073 I loved these pleated pillows.  Beautiful!

This was a really fantastic sale.  It put me on sensory overload.
Queen of Tarte has it all goin on.
What more does a girl need?

On my way home from this sale I had lots of time (4 hours to be exact) to think and reflect on the past 2 years that got me to this sale.

When I first started going to these shows a couple years ago I knew nobody.
I only read the blogs.
Lisa at A Thing For Roses was the first person I met. Then it was was Isabel from Masion Douce, then Joy from Auntie Joy and the Boys of Barn House.
From there on ………I was greeted with open arms ( literally, a hug and a “I’m so happy to see you”) every time. 
Each time I went to a sale, a craft workshop, or a shopping excursion I always met someone new.  After awhile they were introducing me to new friends that were in my neighborhood.  Blogland is a small small world!

I was so attracted to how these talented people had met all through the love of junkin, decorating and crafting.   What even impressed me more was how they all helped each other.  They wanted everyone to be successful at what he or she was doing. If someone had some notoriety, and idea, or something fun going on they all were excited for that person and did whatever they could to help.
It got me all choked up every time I witnessed it.   I wanted to be part of it.  I wanted to help. 
When you can’t sew, you don’t have a eye for decorating, and a glue gun isn't’ your friend you’re pretty limited on what you can do. You’re not usually the first person they call to come help.
One day over cocktails a friend said “I really would love to go to some of these places you are always going to but I don’t have anyone to go with”

That’s when a big giant light bulb went off…….Why don’t I take  ladies just like you to sales they normally wouldn't’ go to?

They have all been so supportive in getting our first trips off to a great start.
Now with  my big Superbowl of all trips coming up, do you know what all these friends I have met over the last couple years have done for me?

Get the tissue!

They have circled the wagons and said “what can we do to help?”
They all rallied behind my idea for an antique show where people can find out about The Farm Chicks
Junk Junket while shopping with some of their favorite vendors.

The Collection was organized

CJWU Sale Poster Final

Who is attending you ask?
Junkies- Sisterhood of Traveling Junk
Mary Larsen (of Annies on First)
Town Hall Antiques

Just to name a few.

This is going to be a great show!
Join  the Come Junk With Us fan page on Facebook
Become a follower on Come Junk With Us for all the
latest details about the upcoming show
The Junk Junket to Farm Chicks.

You don't want to miss any of these details!

I got some fantastic news last week straight from Farm Chicks.
I will soon be sharing this little bit of information with everyone.
In fact I would bet you can hear me screaming it from my rooftop!
Big Announcment!!!!! January 26, 2010
Come Junk With Us will be hosting a sale!

I  know! 
We are really excited also. 

When first approached with this idea I was a little skeptical.  Working with some of these really talented ladies and guys  is intimidating.   But then me, myself and I had a meeting where we all agreed…… “ either jump in and learn to swim or just stand here on the dock where you can keep wishing you could swim!” 
What’s it gunna be?
Learn to swim!
CJWU Sale Poster Final
 Come Junk With Us
The Collection
A Vintage Inspired Flea Market

Friday March 5th
Early Bird Shopping from 5 pm - 8 pm
$10 entry
Gift bags for the first 30 people
Door prize drawings

Saturday March 6th 
8 am - 4 pm
$8 entry
Gift bags for the first 30 customers
Prize drawings every hour

Knights of Columbus Hall
Bothell-Everett Hwy
Bothell WA
Cash Sale

Come Junk With Us will also have a booth where you can purchase tickets to the upcoming Farm Chicks Junk Junket.

We have some really great vendors coming to this event.
You have seen them at
White House Antiques
Town Hall Antiques

Just to drop a few names at who’s going to be there;
(who is the food extraordinaire at Barn House events
and will be offering fabulous lunches)

Girlz Gone Glam
The Weathered Rose
Just to name a few of the vendors participating.

Your favorite vendors, bloggers, and shop owners will be handing out coupons for a discount entry for the Saturday show.
Stay tuned. We will be giving out that information as it comes in.

For sure you will be able to get on right here!

CJWU 5 Coupon

Just click and print!
Trouble with that? Email us

Bring it to the show and receive a $5 entry
Must have your coupon
More details coming
about the upcoming
Junk Junket to The Farm Chicks Show

Make it a girls weekend!
A weekend get away with your significant other.
We can give you all kind of places to visit while you’re here.
I have arranged discount hotel accommodations
$79 a night
Call them up and tell them your with Come Junk With Us and they will hook you up!

Would rather bring the RV? 
I got that information for you also.
Lake Pleasant RV Park
$44 a night full hook ups.
Call them and let them know your with
Come Junk With Us

There are lots of
great shopping
Fabulous eating places
In my neighborhood.

I’ll hook you up for a great weekend!
December 7, 2009
 Good News Bad News

Let’s just get it over with right away.  That way it’s less painful.

We had to cancel the December 5th My Favs Junk Junket
Due to unforeseen circumstances we weren’t able to go on this Junk Junket Saturday. 
Very disappointing but the show must go on.

And on it will go!
Red VW
I loved this picture.
I found it on over at  A Life’s Design

So here’s the good news……………………………
I’m so excited about it I can hardly stand it!

We have talked about it in the past but here it is. 
Right in time for Christmas

2010 Farm Chicks Junk Junket!

That’s right…You heard me!
Farm Chicks Apron
June 4th 5th 6th  2010

Here’s the plan so far.  The details are still coming together………………………….
Leave Friday mid morning, get to Spokane, check into hotel, rest and freshen up, then head out for dinner. 
Saturday morning get up bright and early and be at Farm Chicks to be the first through the door.  Shop all day at Farm Chicks, return to hotel for some rest and freshen up.  Then we’ll go to dinner. 
Sunday morning get checked out of hotel, load up treasures on the bus, head over to Farm Chicks to make one last pass through, and then head home.  I will have more details of times, stops, and special offers as we get closer to the event.

You’re wondering “How much is this going to cost me Timi?”
Well, I’ll tell you…

$559 per person if you have someone to share a room with
$625 per person if you want your own room

These prices include your transportation, meals, show admissions, hotel, and all the usual Come Junk With Us exclusives.

Want to drive or fly into Seattle to join us?
We are working with on special hotel rates for you on Thursday night and Sunday night and shuttle service to and from SEATAC airport.
Contact us for more information.

We have had so much fun at The Farm Chick Shows over the years and I’m so excited to share this with a Bus load of new friends.
This is what we like to call a Junkers Religious Experience

Seating is limited and tickets will only be on sale until
April 30th, 2010

Over the next few months we will be planning other Junk Junkets and posting the information here.
We will also be blogging about The 2010 Farm Chicks Junk Junket details as they start coming together.

We’re excited to have you
Come Junk With Us!
My Fav's Junk Junket

Come join us for this special holiday Junk Junket where Come Junk With Us will be taking you to all my local haunts that are a mix of stores with beautiful new items and stores with fantastic treasures.

Let us take some of the hassle out of holiday shopping.
Don't fight traffic, don't look for a parking space, don't fight the crowds at the mall, and don't worry about a thing!

All you have to do is put on your comfy shoes, your eatin pants, bring your Christmas list, and we will do the rest.

Heck we'll even carry your packages for you!

We will be leaving from the Brick Yard Park and Ride on
December 5th at 7:45 am

From there we will be heading into Bothell, Mill Creek, and then to Historic Downtown Snohomish.

If you would like to come join us from out of town no problem!

I have arranged for hotel accommodations locally.
We will pick you up at the hotel!
A 4 star hotel has given me a great rate so that it doesn't put a big dent in your shoppin funds.
You know how I love a good deal!

Gather up your best shopping buddies and make it a girls weekend!

Come Junk With Us isn't just about junkin, it's about shoppin, havin a good time with friends, food, and laughing until your sides hurt.
Well, there are the prizes too!

I love to give away prizes!!!!!

This trip won't disappoint in the prize department. I'm working on giving away
a lot of My Favorite Things.
Yep, that's right!
Just like Oprah!
$75 per person
for an all inclusive day
So get yourself a seat reserved, join in on the holiday fun and

Come Junk With Us

All seat purchases are non refundable.
Come Junk With Us reserves the right to cancel any Junk Junket for any reason. If a Junk Junket is canceled by Come Junk With Us at that time money will be refunded for seats purchased.

Stay tuned.................information about
a 3 day Farm Chicks Junk Junket is coming!
October Junk Junket

Funky Junk Sisters Show


Downtown Sumner

After months of planning the day finally came.

Saturday October 24th was here!

I was so excited to share with my old friends and new friends all the places and surprises I had in store for them.

Everyone got a beautiful rhinestone name tag. Not only does it make it easier for your new friends on the bus to know your name but it lets others know


Everyone got a shopping bag filled with goodies

Charm bracelet's, necklaces, Mary Jane's Farm Magazines, and coupons.

Lots of coupons!


A personal box of Frost Doughnuts.

A couple of my favorites

Salted Caramel


Pumpkin spice

Early early early!

Everyone ready to go

Let the prize drawings begin!

The whole day was filled with gift giving.

Michelle won the first gift.

A very cute crown that Shelly from Bungalow Bling had made.

It was perfect since Michelle was on the bus because it was her birthday!

Cathy won the gift certificate from A Dozen Eggs.

We told her how wonderful Laura is and what a beautiful job she does on those hand iced cookies but Cathy is going to have to experience it.

Once she does..........

She will be hooked just like me!

Susan won a fantastic cookbook written by

Dianne Berst.

Dianne is a local author who has some fabulous cookbooks out.

My favorite is

I Like Cookies
Dianne was very generous to this Junk Junket. We can't thank her enough for all the gifts she donated for giving away.

Michele was the proud winner of the

Tres Birds gift Certificate.

Perfect for those super cute family photos Michele is known for in her Christmas cards.

Do you have your family, pet, kids, or significant other photographed for Christmas yet?

You better call Amber right away!

Shopping carts lined up and ready to go.

Sheryl was the winner of one of the two shopping carts that were raffled off.

Lori the winner of the other.

I do believe these ladies found them quite handy!

Myself and Deb Kennedy

She and Bob have been a great help to me over the last couple months.

I can't thank them enough for all their hard work they put in to this show and gifts for the Junk Junket.

They ROCK!

Randi was the winner of the Salvage Studio gift.

Super cute!

Thank you Lisa and Beth

Tiffany at Shabby Scraps was a big gift giver on this Junk Junket.

I can't say enough nice thing about her and her beautiful gifts.

Linda from Luluz

My Sakuma Berry pickin buddy!
She donated the cutest necklaces for the gift bags.

Yeah! I know!

She made one for everyone on the bus!

Is this not the cutest picture?

WSU Laura admiring her new crown from Retreat

John and Bob Cool Junk

Love these guys!

They had the prettiest pink booth.

Can't wait to see them at Sandpoint next month.

Your Hostesses for the sale

Dixie and Linda

Mary the big winner

Charlene with Freshly Doug Vegetables was another big contributor on this Junk Junket. Charlene made those cute tea towels for a give away.

The Whistle Stop Antiques was just one of the stores in downtown Sumner who rolled out the red carpet for us when we arrived

Lots of room on that bus for whatever you want to buy!

The Hubs loadin it up!!!!

Kay was the winner of the Amy Butler Birdie bag that was hand sewn and donated by Pat.

Pat was on my last bus to Barn House. She is also my newly adopted Mother-in-law!
She donated this bag AND......made the shopping cart liners that we raffled off.

This was a gift with purchase at the Whistle Stop Antiques.

They had made these beautiful glass bead Halloween bracelets

then put them in these super cute little jars with candy.

The ladies loved these!

Shanon was the winner of the

Vera Bradley Hope Garden Handbag

It was donated by

Belle Provence. One of my FAVORITE stores in Mill Creek Town Center.

Brenda with one of her cute finds at

I need to give a big shout out to Kris and Amy of Today's Country Store

They were so much help to me. When I came to them and said I wanted to bring a bus to their fantastic store in their cute little town of Sumner they said

"What do you want us to do?"

They got all the merchants to help, they made suggestions of what to do, where to go, and were my contacts were for whatever I needed in Sumner.

Tosha doing a little shopping at

Today's Country Store. It's a junkers paradise!

A little afternoon glass of wine at Sorci's

Donna The Wonder Helper!

The lunch Sorci's provided for us was so stinkin good we all had to go to the restaurant and try a few more things on the menu.

What a great little find this place was.

The Hubs assuring Charlene that it was totally OK that she bought this wash machine.

We had a way to get it home!

Another cute cart found

If it won't fit in the bus

We have the truck!

Come Junk With Us wants to make sure that if you want to buy something, we can get it back to your vehicle at the park and ride.

No matter how big.

Donna recurited some help in loading up the truck

Love this picture!

Mary won a pie in the raffle. My mom had made apple pies and brought them all boxed up pretty.

What a good Mommy I have

Michelle won not only the cute crown at the beginning of the day but the bottle of champange also.

What a great birthday for her!

Sandra was the winner of the

Vera Bradly Hopes Garden mini hipster with a $100 Come Junk With Us gift certificate.

Back at the park and ride unloading fabulous


Husbands were called to come pick stuff up, items were loaded, good byes were said

My two long time Junkin Buddies

Suzy and Michele

We have been friends since 4th grade.

Mary with a fabulous find. I bet this is for that new grandbaby shes getting for Thanksgiving.

Oh my gosh! I almost forgot!

How stinkin cool is this?

Sheryl Donahue who makes fantastic jewlery gave this super cute necklace for a give away. My Faux Aunt Reta won it.

Your host and hostess for the day

Isn't that beautiful?

This was my neckless that Sheryl made for me.

I was so touched.

It's lovely and you will see it hanging around my neck for every Junk Junket.

We might just have to see if we can't get Sheryl to make these so everyone can have one.

Mom, Me, and Faux Aunt Reta

(Reta isn't really my aunt but she's been part of our family for so long she might as well be)

The two ladies who taught me that life is all about the adventures, road trips, good food, trying to get the perfect picture and laughing until your sides hurt.

Brenda with some more of her great finds of the day

It was a good day!

We met new friends, we junked, we ate, we laughed, we junked, we ate, we laughed, and we junked some more.

Thank you everyone for joining me on this Junk Junket. I can't wait for you to Come Junk With Us again.

Now it's time to show some blog and website love to all those who made this trip possible.

Please go visit them

(all the fantastic pictures)


John and Bob Cool Junk

Simple Tidings

A Good Book

Chinook Bus




Sheryl Donahue



My Mother

Judy (my hairstylist)

Stay tuned for information on the upcoming Fav's Junk Junket

We will be going to all my favorite places here in the Bothell, Mill Creek, and Snohomish area.

A Timilious Turkey Dip for lunch along with some of my favorite things for gifts.

If you would like to come from out of town I have arranged a special rate at a hotel where the bus will pick you up Saturday morning.'s offical

Come Junk With Us will be organizing a bus to The Farm Chicks in June!

Tickets for that will be going on sale this next month.

A great Holiday gift!
Thanks for visiting and we hope that one day
you can
Come Junk With US