December 7, 2009
 Good News Bad News

Let’s just get it over with right away.  That way it’s less painful.

We had to cancel the December 5th My Favs Junk Junket
Due to unforeseen circumstances we weren’t able to go on this Junk Junket Saturday. 
Very disappointing but the show must go on.

And on it will go!
Red VW
I loved this picture.
I found it on over at  A Life’s Design

So here’s the good news……………………………
I’m so excited about it I can hardly stand it!

We have talked about it in the past but here it is. 
Right in time for Christmas

2010 Farm Chicks Junk Junket!

That’s right…You heard me!
Farm Chicks Apron
June 4th 5th 6th  2010

Here’s the plan so far.  The details are still coming together………………………….
Leave Friday mid morning, get to Spokane, check into hotel, rest and freshen up, then head out for dinner. 
Saturday morning get up bright and early and be at Farm Chicks to be the first through the door.  Shop all day at Farm Chicks, return to hotel for some rest and freshen up.  Then we’ll go to dinner. 
Sunday morning get checked out of hotel, load up treasures on the bus, head over to Farm Chicks to make one last pass through, and then head home.  I will have more details of times, stops, and special offers as we get closer to the event.

You’re wondering “How much is this going to cost me Timi?”
Well, I’ll tell you…

$559 per person if you have someone to share a room with
$625 per person if you want your own room

These prices include your transportation, meals, show admissions, hotel, and all the usual Come Junk With Us exclusives.

Want to drive or fly into Seattle to join us?
We are working with on special hotel rates for you on Thursday night and Sunday night and shuttle service to and from SEATAC airport.
Contact us for more information.

We have had so much fun at The Farm Chick Shows over the years and I’m so excited to share this with a Bus load of new friends.
This is what we like to call a Junkers Religious Experience

Seating is limited and tickets will only be on sale until
April 30th, 2010

Over the next few months we will be planning other Junk Junkets and posting the information here.
We will also be blogging about The 2010 Farm Chicks Junk Junket details as they start coming together.

We’re excited to have you
Come Junk With Us!
7 Responses
  1. junkdreams Says:

    So looking forward to the Farm Chicks show next year.

  2. adozeneggs Says:

    It's very exciting!!
    Dave has told me to check out airfares!!
    Thanks so much Timi. I'm hoping to stay out there for a whole week! (if I can find a good flight/hotel combo)

  3. I did the Farm Chicks show last June! What a great time!!

  4. Susan S. Says:

    OMG....what a good time ya'll had! I would LOVE to try and make the next junk junket!

    Happy New Year from Houston, TX!

  5. Darcie Says:

    Timi--I came upon your site through a link on Facebook. I was purusing the wonderful pictures and then saw you! Fun! I said "hey I know who that is" and then saw another of your mom and repeated myself. Maybe I'll see you at Farm Chicks in June. I live south of Spokane now--good luck with this fun junk stuff--WTG!! Darcie (Gundersen) Bagott

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